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Engineering & Design

Velox Professional Services can help customers build a reliable network.

Velox can help customers define the needed components for a successful network build and make that plan come to life. Velox Professional Services, led by Chris Helms, will create a plan, review each step, and consistently communicate project updates to the customer. We confirm plans through a field verification process, reviewing all physical aspects of the project and potential challenges the team may face during construction before ever breaking ground. After noting any areas of concern and advantages of each project, we’ll adjust our plans and ensure appropriate materials are used to maximize the success of the build.

The Velox team will execute make-ready engineering (MRE) and permitting to verify permissions with both pole-owners, municipalities, and government agencies to prepare construction-ready designs. With different backgrounds and over 100 years of combined experience in telecom, our team utilizes different technologies to be more efficient and streamline the time from planning to construction. Our engineering team works closely with construction crews during each project phase, integrating plans and providing support while ensuring field changes are reconciled for a complete network.

Velox Professional Services can provide:

Network design
Make-ready engineering (MRE)
Field verification
Test and as-built finals
  • Network design
  • Permitting
  • Make Ready Engineering (MRE)
  • Field verification
  • Test and as built finals

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