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Velox can serve customers at any project stage, from planning and network design to underground or aerial construction and network maintenance.

Our partners in the telecom industry value the peace of mind that comes from working with Velox. As a specialty contractor, we have the resources to bring long-lasting solutions to customers and expert team members who can drive fiber construction projects to success. Our turnkey services include construction services, engineering and design, splicing and project management.

Construction Services
  • Aerial Cable Installation
  • Underground Duct & Cable Installation
  • Network Auditing
  • Splicing
Engineering & Design
  • OSP Design
  • Permit Design
  • Site Inspection
  • As-Built Reconciliation
Program Management
  • Planning
  • Scheduling & Tracking
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration

We prioritize high-quality work without sacrificing our core values of safety, efficiency, consistency, and integrity. The Velox Way means meeting customers wherever they are and walking through each project stage with them, so our partners can trust Velox to build a reliable network that withstands the test of time.

Questions on our services?

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